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Duke is Happier Now

Duke our 9 year old German Short Hair Pointer has not seemed very happy for the last couple of months.  We knew that he had slowed down a bit, but we also know that he lost his best friend Yogi this Spring.  Yogi was our 13 year old Labrador Retriever.  He succumbed to old age at the end of February. 

We tried a lot of things to cheer him up. Our vet had checked him out and couldn’t find much wrong with him.  We changed is food, took him for more walks, let him sit on the couch with us and generally spent a lot more time with him. 

The vet decided to do some extensive tests on him.  He determined that Duke was suffering from the onset of arthritis.  `Its hard to believe that our little energetic puppy had finally gotten older.  The doctor perscribed some appropriate medicine and we quickly saw the change in Duke.  He’s meeting me at the door waiting for a walk.  He’s playing a wrestling with Daeja, our two year old Pointer.  He’s a happy guy now. 

Dukes Pedicure

This is Duke, our 8 year old GSP

Duke, my 8-year-old German Shorthair Pointer has always been a very active dog.  He spent a lot of time running in the park, the alley and out walking.  He has never needed to get his nails clipped.  The combination of a hot summer and Duke’s slowing down a bit caused a new problem.  For the first time in his life he had long toe nails.  I noticed yesterday that he was walking a little tenderly.  It was a simple fix, a quick trip to the local dog groomer, $15  and he was feeling much better.  The groomer recommended that we have his nails cut every 2-3 weeks until they reduce his quick.

This incident reminded me that we must constantly monitor our dog’s condition.  Changing weather, new places, new neighbors, and aging can cause problems that you have never encountered.  Keep your eye on your dogs!

Some Girls Just Want to Have Fun

I’ve known some great Pit Bulls and I agreee with the writer of this blog. its not the dog its the owner.  My rule is if I see a dog at the dog park and his name is ‘Killer’ or ‘OG’ we avoid that dog!

Abramson's Corner

Pitbull-StoryboardW by victry1
Pitbull-StoryboardW, a photo by victry1 on Flickr.

You could never prove so many people’s prejudice against pit bulls by this dog. She was sweet and playful. My friend also has a pit bull that is very sweet and extremely smart.

Too many people write this breed off because of the actions of their OWNERS! No matter the breed, when a dog doesn’t behave or is vicious, look at their owner-that is where the fault usually lies.

So, don’t judge a book by its cover

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Spend Some Time With your Dog

This is so true. Your dog needs your time


We borrowed this great picture from the web.  We are frequently approached by people who talk about the problems that they are having with their dog’s behavior.   When we talk about the problems we find that they have very little interaction with their dogs.  They give them food and water and occasionally throw a ball around the back yard.  Get your dogs out! Play with them.  Take them for walks on a regular basis.  You’ll love it and so will they.  You will be surprised how their behavior gets better.

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